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Mark Dacascos - Frequently Asked Questions

I have found most of the responses below in different interviews.

Can you give me Mark Dacascos' email address?

Not if I want to go on living ;-)
If you need to contact Mark, you can send him a message via his Facebook page. (link opens in a new window)
Updated 18 May 2012

Can you give me Mark Dacascos' address?

I don't have it. Actors need to be very careful about sharing their personal information since there are some crazy people out there.
Not YOU of course ;-) 8 August 2008

Where can I send a fan letter to Mark Dacascos?

Att Mark Dacascos
12725 Ventura Blvd., Suite H
Studio City, CA, 91640
2 January 2009

Is it true that Mark made a cameo appearance in "Silent Hill", the movie directed by Christophe Gans and scripted by Roger Avary?

No, this is not true. Mark has, however, worked with Gans on two movies, Crying Freeman and Brotherhood of the Wolf, and with Avary who produced "Boogie Boy", in which Mark also starred. Boogie Boy was directed by Craig Hamann. 28 June 2006

Is Mark really the nephew of Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef Japan?

No - both are roles played by actors.
But it is confusing - everyone else on the show are really who they appear - Alton Brown is really Alton Brown and Mario Batali is really Mario Batali and so on. 8 August 2008

Why did he take the role on ICA - Iron Chef America?

He thought it would be fun - and besides, his wife is a chef. Plus he was on a short list of people the Japanese company wanted.

My guess is also that it's nice steady work ;-)
Plus he gets to taste some great food - and he's being exposed to a completely new audience.

Is Mark Dacascos going bald?

No - he just likes his hair really, really short since it's practical when surfing. The bald look was probably because Sharish in Nomad was bald. Mark's strange haircut in China Strike Force was a result of his haircut in Brotherhood of the Wolf. I don't know if Mark shaved his head for his CSI episode - or if he just used a bald-cap. He was also bald in Junior Pilot - I guess he likes bald.

Has Mark stopped doing martial art?

No - I don't think so. He has mentioned in interviews that martial arts will always be a part of his life.

"I will always do martial arts and at least for the first years my son will do martial arts," Mark promises. "Whether or not I act, I will always do martial arts. Because martial arts is in our family, like eating and sleeping, it's a part of our lifestyle. I didn't do martial arts to get into acting; it's two completely different things, two parts of my life that on a good day come together and make me really, really happy."
From "Inside Kung-Fu", January 2002.

What type of martial art does Mark Dacascos practice?

Mark started training with his parents when he was 4, entered his first Martial Arts tournament when he was 7, and unofficially retired from competition when he was 18. He has studied Northern Shaolin under Muo Hui Shen in Taiwan, Capoeira under Mestre Amen Santo with whom he made the film, ONLY THE STRONG. He's studied Wushu under Professor Jiang Hao Quan and Coaches Eric and Debbie Chen, and is currently (August 2008) studying Muay Thai with Kru Puk.
Source: Q & A on Joe Mallozzi's blog. 8 August 2008

How long did Mark do Young Conan for Universal?

Mark's official website says 1 year but I've seen interviews that say 5 years, 20 times a week.
Another interview says Mark played Young Conan in 1987 and left in 1991, so I'm really not sure.

Has Mark had long hair for any of his roles?

I don't know. All I'm sure of is that he wore a wig for "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven".
I don't know about Deadly Past or DNA.

Which countries has Mark filmed in?

Australia: Island of Dr. Moreau
Canada: Multiple, including "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven", Crying Freeman
France: Brotherhood of the Wolf
Hong Kong: China Strike Force
Hungary: Deathline/Redline
Israel: American Samurai
Japan: The Samurai Special
Kazakhstan: Nomad
Philippines: DNA, The Hunt for Eagle One, Crash Point
Serbia: Serbian Scars
South Africa: Kickboxer 5: The Redemption
Thailand: The Lost Medallion
Turkey: Sultanin Sirri
That I can think of .....


Not that anybody has asked - I just didn't know where else to put it, so ....

Mark has done 3 movies with director Tibor Takcs plus 2 episodes of "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven"

2 movies with director Christophe Gans - so far.
And it would have been 4 if The Adventurer and Rahan had been made.
Seems Onimusha is up next for Gans - maybe a role for Mark there?
More Onimusha. (links open in new windows)

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