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Mark Dacascos - Filmography

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DVD Regions: Region 1 DVDs will usually only play in US DVD players and region 2 DVDs will usually only play in European and Japanese and South African DVD players and so forth - UNLESS you have a region free DVD player.
Year made Title Director Role Availability & etc.
2013 Trial of Arms ? Takeda DVD na Status: Pre-production
With Peter Stormare
2012 To Have and to Hold Ray Bengston Nantauquas DVD na Status: Post-production
With Christopher Judge and Rusty Joiner
2010 Sultanin Sirri Hakan Sahin John Back DVD na
With Emanuel Bettencourt and Sinan Albayrak.
2011 The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone Bill Muir Cobra DVD na
With Alex Kendrick and James Hong
2008 Wolvesbayne Griff Furst Von Griem DVD
TV movie, with Yancy Butler and Rhett Giles
2008 Shadows in Paradise aka
Schattenkommando aka Commando de l'Ombre.
Bill Corcoran Lt. Max Forrester DVD, BD
With Armand Assante and Tom Sizemore
2007 I am Omega. Griff Furst Renchard DVD, BD
With Geoff Meed and Jennifer Lee Wiggins
Commentary track with Griff Furst, Geoff Meed and Mark Dacascos
Mark was also stunt coordinator on the movie.
2007 Serbian Scars. Brent Huff Peter DVD
With Brent Huff, Vladimir Rajcic and Michael Madsen
2007 Action Hero aka
Vardell Duseldorfer: The Great V.D.
Brian Thompson Writer DVD: na
With Brian Thompson and Marisa Ramirez
2006 Alien Agent. Jesse Johnson Rykker DVD, BD
With Billy Zane, Amelia Cooke and Emma Lahana
2006 Rahan Christophe Gans Rahan CANCELLED
2006 Code Name: The Cleaner. Les Mayfield Eric Hauck DVD, BD
With Cedric & Lucy Liu. Comedy/action
2005 Solar Attack (TV).
Solar Strike(old title)
Paul Ziller Lucas Foster DVD
With Joanne Kelly and Louis Gossett Jr.
2005 Crash Point.
Henry Crum Marine Lt. Daniels DVD
With Theresa Randle & Jeff Fahey
Sequel to The Hunt for Eagle One
2005 The Hunt for Eagle One.
Brian Sechler Marine Lt. Daniels DVD
Co-starring Rutger Hauer & Theresa Randle
2004 Nomad, The. Ivan Passer/
Sergei Bodrov
Sharish Filmed in Kazakhstan by d.o.p Dan Laustsen
With Kuno Becker, Jay Hernandez and Jason Scott Lee
2004 Only the Brave. Lane Nishikawa Steve "Zaki" Senzaki DVD, BD
With Jason Scott Lee, Pat Morita, George Takei and Jeff Fahey
2004 Junior Pilot.
aka Final Approach
James Becket Kato DVD
With Jordan Garrett, Adam Cagley and Julie Condra!
2003 Adventurer, the Christophe Gans Blind Monk CANCELLED
2002 Cradle 2 the Grave. Andrzej Bartkowiak Ling DVD, BD
With Jet Li, DMX, Kelly Hu, Anthony Anderson and Tom Arnold.
2001 Scorcher. James Seale Ryan Beckett DVD
With Rutger Hauer and John Rhys-Davies.
2001 Instinct to Kill. aka
Tödliche Tarnung (DE) aka Protetor (BR).
Gustavo Graef-Marin JT Dillon DVD
With Melissa Crider, Tim Abell and Kadeem Hardison
Based on the novel Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
2001 China Strike Force. Stanley Tong Tony Lau DVD
With Coolio, Aaron Kwok and Noriko Fujiwara
2000 Pacte des loups.
aka Brotherhood of the Wolf.
Christophe Gans Mani, Iroquois Indian DVD, BD
With Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Émilie Dequenne and Jérémie Renier
1999 Base, The. Mark Lester Major John Murphy/
Corporal John Dalton
With Tim Abell and Paula Trickey
1998 No Code of Conduct. Brett Michaels Paul DeLucca DVD
With Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen and Joe Lando
1997 Sanctuary. Tibor Takács? Luke Kovak DVD
With Kylie Travis, Jaimz Woolvett and Alan Scarfe
1997 Boogie Boy. aka
Hard Proof aka
Un homme en enfer (FR) aka
Cocaine Blues - Ein tödlicher Deal (DE)
Craig Hamann Jesse Page DVD
With Jaimz Woolvett, Joan Jett, Emily Lloyd and Traci Lords
1997 Deathline. aka
Redline aka
Tibor Takács Merrick DVD
With Rutger Hauer and Yvonne Sciň
1997 DNA. aka Genetic Code (DE) William Mesa Dr. Ash Mattley DVD
With Jürgen Prochnow and Robin McKee
1996 Drive. Steve Wang Toby Wong DVD
With Brittany Murphy, Kadeem Hardison and John Pyper-Ferguson
Funniest commentary track ever - with Mark, Steve Wang, Kadeem Hardison.
1996 Sabotage. Tibor Takács Michael Bishop DVD
With Carrie-Anne Moss and Graham Greene
1996 Island of Dr. Moreau. John Frankenheimer Lo-Mai the leopard man DVD, BD
With David Thewlis, Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer
1995 Crying Freeman. Christophe Gans Yo Hinomura, aka
the Freeman
With Julie Condra, Rae Dawn Chong and Byron Mann
1994 Kickboxer 5: The Redemption. Kristine Peterson Matt Reeves DVD, VHS
With James Ryan and Geoff Meed
1995 Deadly Past. aka
In den Armen des Todes (DE)
Tibor Takács Leo the bartender DVD, VHS ntsc
With Carol Alt, Dedee Pfeiffer and Ron Marquette
1994 Dragstrip Girl. Mary Lambert Johnny Ramirez DVD
With Natasha Gregson Wagner and María Celedonio
1993 Double Dragon. James Yukich Jimmy Lee DVD
With Robert Patrick and Scott Wolf
1993 Roosters. Robert M. Young Filipino's son DVD, VHS ntsc
With Edward James Olmos and Sonia Braga
1993 Only the Strong. aka La Loi du Plus Fort (FR). aka Tylko dla Najlepszych (PL). Sheldon Lettich Louis Stevens DVD, VHS, LD
With Stacey Travis, Paco Christian Prieto and Geoffrey Lewis
1993 American Samurai. Sam Firstenberg Kenjiro Sanga DVD
With David Bradley, Valarie Trapp and John Fujioka
1991 Dead on the Money Tibor Takács Martial arts teacher VHS ntsc
With Corbin Bernsen, Amanda Pays and John Glover
1990 Angel Town. Eric Karson Stoner's driver DVD
With Olivier Gruner, Peter Kwong and Theresa Saldana
1984 Dim Sum. Wayne Wang Mark's role ended on the cutting room floor DVD
With Laureen Chew, Kim Chew, Victor Wong and Joan Chen
Short Film
Year made Title Director Role Availability & etc.
2008 Gideon Falls Judith McCreary Set DVD: NA - 18 minute short film
Gideon Falls is a dramatic short film that follows a battle-ridden angel, Gideon(Christian Monzon), as he withstands his most unsparing mission yet. Emmanuel(Jonathan Garcia) sends Gideon to kill the Witch of Endor. But, the true identity of the Witch of Endor is what proves to make this mission the hardest of them all. As the battle ensues, his archenemy, Set(Mark), isn't the only beast against the obedient warrior. With Gideon's faith uncertain, time has no mercy, and Gideon must fight heartily in order to complete this unforgiving mission.
TV series
Year made Title Number of episodes Role Availability & etc.
2004 - Iron Chef America Currently 173 episodes Chairman Kaga's Nephew Season 1. - aka Battle of the Masters, is available on region 1 DVD from the store.
1998 Crow: Stairway to Heaven 21 Eric Draven / The Crow The complete series is available on R1, R2 and R4 DVD
TV guest roles
Year made Series Episode Role Availability & etc.
2011 Hawaii Five-O 1x12, Hana 'a'a Makehewa.
1x13, Ke Kinohi.
1x19, Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio.
1x24, Oia'i'o.
2x01, Ha'i'ole.
2x06, Ka Hakaka Maika'i.
2x10, Ki'ilua (Deceiver).
2x22, Ua Hopu.
Wo Fat DVD, BD - season One
With Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park
2009 Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight 1x32, Advent Master Returns.
1x33, Out of the Void.
1x34, Back in Black.
1x35, A Hero's Fall.
1x36, Dark Deception.
1x37, The Enemy Within.
1x38, For Ventara and Earth, pt 1.
1x39, For Ventara and Earth, pt 2
1x40, A Dragon's Tale
Eubulon, the Advent Master W #32: Nathan Long
D #32: Michael Wang?
With Stephen Lunsford, Matt Mullins and Yvonne Arias
2008 Stargate Atlantis #5.03 (#83),
"Broken Ties".
Tyre W: Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper
D: Ken Girotti
With Joe Flanigan, Amanda Tapping, Rachel Luttrell and Jason Momoa
2008 The Middleman #1.03,
"The Sino-Mexican Revelation".
Sensei Ping W: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
D: Jeremiah Chechik
With Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales and Brit Morgan
2008 The Bruce Lee Story 1x26, 2x27, 1x44 King Charles, a Thai Kickboxer DVD, BD
The series was 50 episodes - some DVDs are only 180 minutes ...
With Kwok-Kwan Chan, Michelle Lang and Ted E. Duran
2007 Stargate Atlantis #4.03 (#40),
Tyre W: Paul Mullie, Joseph Mallozzi
D: William Waring
With Joe Flanigan, Amanda Tapping, Rachel Luttrell and Jason Momoa
2002 C.S.I. #2.17 (#40),
"Felonius Monk".
Ananda, a bald, buddhist monk DVD
With William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan
1999 Martial Law #2.5 (#27),
"Ninety Million Reasons to Die".
Steven Garth NA.
With Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Arsenio Hall and Kelly Hu
1994 One West Waikiki #2.7 (#14),
"Rest in Peace".
Moku NA.
With Cheryl Ladd, Richard Burgi and Kayla Blake
1994 Tales From the Crypt #6.7 (#73),
"The Pit".
Felix Johnson DVD R1 season 6 box set
The ultimate fighting event of the century is about to happen in Las Vegas between the strongest fighters in the world, but the real event in the pit stars their respective wives
With Debbie Dunning, Stoney Jackson and Marjean Holden
1990 The Flash #1.6,
"Child's Play".
Osaku DVD R1

With John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays and Alex Désert
1990 Doogie Howser, MD #1.25,
"The Grass Ain't Always Greener".
Julian DVD R1, R2

With Neil Patrick Harris, Max Casella and Belinda Montgomery
1990 The New Dragnet 1x25, "Queen of Hearts" Kevin Chow NA
With Bernard White, Jeff Osterhage and Thalmus Rasulala
1986-87 General Hospital, 4 episodes Episode #1.5823
Episode #1.6202
Episode #1.6204
Episode #1.6206
Police Cadet NA
Chun, a police cadet, recurring character for a ten month period. Worked with James Lew for the first time.
198? Bioman Pilot Victor Lee
Series lead
The pilot was not picked up. In the style of Power Rangers
Other work
Year made Title Type Role Availability & etc.
2010 Samurai Documentary Himself History Channel
2008 Iron Chef America computer game Voice Iron Chef video game for Wii
2006 Stranglehold computer game Voice Released end of 2006
2005 Cinamea mil, #1.8 TV show about movies? Himself NA
2004 The Making of Brett Michaels Documentary Himself VHS - try ebay
1995 Wing Commander IV:
The Price of Freedom
computer game 2nd Lt. Troy "Catscratch" Carter Try Ebay
1992 Enhancing Your Skills aka Améliorez votre habilité martiale Body conditioning and drills video Instructor DVD R2, With Earl White
1988 Conan Universal Studio Tour Young Conan/Balash Live performance, NA
1987 Steele Justice movie stunts Try Ebay
19? West Side Story musical Chino - #22 on the cast list NA - Live performance,
Portland, Oregon
19? Shaved Splits play Wong Live performance, NA
19? Two on the Town Talk Show himself NA
19? Pacific Currents Talk Show Himself Live performance, NA
19? Malia's Fashion and Fitness CNN Report Himself NA
19? Sky Ball commercial - NA
19? Michelob Light commercial - NA
19? Lazer Tag commercial Principal/Stunts NA
19? Cherry Coke commercial - NA
19? Italian Elle Vogue Modeling - NA
Fashion Spread - Marco Polo
19? German Stern modeling - NA
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