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The links were checked May 2012.
Last update:
18 May 2012
Mark Dacascos pages :, the official site, is of course THE source for info about Mark's projects and behind-the-scenes photos - but it has been closed for reconstruction since November 2011.

The place to keep up with Mark, is the Official Mark Dacascos Facebook page is a collaboration between three great ladies - Monika, Ute and Pascale - which is why it's in both German, French and English.
Unique : Many wonderful interviews translated into German and some of them into English too.
Wonderful - fantastic, really great! They also have a wonderful section on Le Pacte des Loups / Brotherhood of the Wolf / Pakte der Wölfe.
hasn't been updated for some years, but the old stuff is great.

Mark Dacascos Plus
- Japanese fansite - mostly in Japanese.
Puzzles and Japanese movie trailers.
The flash site was closed in 2008, but the archives are still worth a visit.

Portraits of Mark Dacascos -
Japanese fansite with lovely drawings of Mark in diffferent roles.

Plenty of Dacascos images at

A short profile Movie Forum

Interview on - 5 pages. About Cradle 2 the Grave.

Dacascos interview on SPLICEDwire - mainly about Brotherhood of the Wolf.
November 2001

BBC Interview - short. About Brotherhood of the Wolf.
October 2001

TV series sites:
Iron Chef America:
Official Iron Chef America site at the Food Network

List of ICA episodesat

ICA on Wikipedia, and Episode list on Wikipedia - better than on Paszaz since it lists secret ingrdients and winners.

ICA on

Hawaii Five-O:
Official CBS Hawai Five-O site

Hawaii Five-O Fans with forum

Hawaii Five-O Fan - fan, singular. H5O on Wikipedia, Wikipedia H5O season 1 details and H5O season 2 details

Movie pages :
Le Pacte des Loups / Brotherhood of the Wolf :
A website for Dan Laustsen , cinematographer for Pacte des Loups. The site has some unique behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of Pacte and a couple of them feature Mark - though no in a really big way. And yes, it has the same webmaster as this website ;-)

Behind the scenes of DNA

Only the Strong :
TVGuide had reviews of eleven of Mark's movies. They were merciless - the reviews range from one to three and a half stars - five were maximum. But I forgive them, since they also said:
"Dacascos is likeable as the straight-laced hero" - Base
"Dacascos is an appealing hero" - DNA
" ... and except for Dacascos, who has some charisma as Matt ... " - Redemption.
But since they now require registration, I have un-linked .......

Greywizard has reviewed Drive, The Base, and Sabotage - very interesting and entertaining.

Fanlisting for The Crow: Stairway to Heaven  TV series
Fanlisting for Eric Draven from C:STH
Sites dedicated to Mark's TV series, "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" :
As long as exists, so will
It's still a work in progress so no galleries yet - but the music section is complete.

The Crow's Loft.
About both the movies and the series. Originator of the weekly newsletter "A Boy and His Bird". Lists the music on the TV series soundtrack CD that was given to the crew. Wav files - pretty neat.
Last update September, 22 2011

Believe in Angels
Excellent site - focuses on the movies and the Crow mythos. Four small CSTH pics - I've never seen the Corey Feldman pic before.

Jump the shark -
where people tell when they lost interest in the Crow series ........... but we DIDN'T!

CSTH fanfic:
The Yahoo CrowTVFic group (which doesn't exist any more) left behind an archive with some great CSTH fanfics - like cross-overs between CSTH and Buffy, X-Files, Nikita and Forever Knight.

Mailing lists, clubs, chats and boards :
Yahoo!Groups have several mailing lists for Mark Dacascos and the Crow.
Enter either "Dacascos" or "Crow" in the search box to get the complete list.

Dacascos-Mark - an international list with members from America, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, South Africa and Denmark - but very low activity. But there is some very interesting stuff in the group's file section.
The list was created jan 26, 1999 by Daribus, but is now managed by four moderators.

Miscellaneous :
Martial Arts Players Directory - Mark did an interview there and it's created by old friend Karen Sheperd.

Webshots - a place where you can make your own screensaver and wallpaper.

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