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20 May 2012

Where to buy Mark Dacascos stuff

Photos, posters, autographed pictures, books and soundtracks

Currently I don't know of a site where you can buy photos or posters of Mark. Most of the stuff relating to Mark Dacascos is not recent, so a lot of it isn't available new any more.
Your best bet would probably be Ebay - make sure you search is set for Any Location.

Movies, TV movies, TV series and TV guest roles

Crying Freeman was finally released on DVD in the US in 2008 - only 13 years after it was shot. Better late than never, eh?

Some of the DVDs were only released in certain areas - for instance, "Enhancing Your Skills" was only released in France.
Try online shops like the different Amazons - depending on whether you want DVD region 1 (U.S.A.), region 2 (Europe and Japan) or region 4 (Australia) or BlueRay region A, B or C:
Amazon America, Amazon England.
Amazon France , Amazon Germany.

And since Amazon does not have everything, here are a few more online shops :
England, region 2 :
France, region 2 :
Fnac. Some of them even have english language options!
Australia, region 4: sell the complete Crow: Stairway to Heaven series.
Japan, region 2, ntsc: CDJapan - Kamen Riders - EXPENSIVE!
Asia, region 3: YesAsia - Kamen Riders - the less expensive malaysian versions
Brazil, region 4: PlayArte - they released 13 DVDs for Kamen Riders even though they only list one.

Auction sites where you can search for stuff that's "out of print" - or never printed :
America :
France :

Still Unavailable

Thanks to the release of TV series on DVD, a lot of Mark's work is now available to buy.
But not all ....
Martial Law - seen on iOffer ...
One West Waikiki
As far as I know, none of these have been relaswed on DVD, so you would have to try getting copies from people who taped them off TV. Like iOffer mentioned above.

Miscellaneous videos :

Cover picture from the video Mark's own "Enhancing Your Skills". Made in 1992, running time approximately 60 minutes. The DVD was released in France and is available from both French and German Amazon.

Video Games

In 1995, Mark played 2nd Lt. Troy "Catscratch" Carter in the video sequences of "Wing Commander - The Price of Freedom". The stars in the game were Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson, John Rhys-Davies and Malcolm McDowell.
Tiny bit of trivia: Confed Redshirt #3 was played by Casper Van Dien.

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine was released for Nintendo WII on December 2, 2008.
Mark is in the game as The Chairman's Nephew - the animated version.


The Crying Freeman CD soundtrack is sold out as far as I know,
but sometimes, copies are for sale on Ebay.

Only the Strong - a direct link to the
CD on Amazon US

Le Pacte des Loups - so far only available in France. Here's a direct link to the CD on French Amazon.

Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack comes in two versions - a clean and an explicit version. Amazon link to Both of them

"The Crow:Stairway to Heaven" soundtrack was privately made and given out to cast and crew of the series only, so one would be VERY lucky to ever find one of those CDs. You can find a Crow

Drive: Though Mark himself sang in the movie, no soundtrack was ever released.


Martial arts Talk, by Mark V. Wiley
Paperback, 286 pages, published by Tuttle Publishing, 2000, ISBN 0-8048-3182-3
"Conversations with Leading Authorities on the Martial Arts" - there's a 12-page long talk with Mark, titled "A Career in Martial Arts Film and Television."
Another familiar name in the book is James Lew who has worked with Mark on several occasions.

Crying Freeman - Du Manga au Film (Tournage du film) by David Martinez
(Making of Crying Freeman) 112 pages, published by Granat, mars 1996,
ISBN 2-7234-2213-5. Price around 95 FR.
Worth it for the pictures alone, imho. With more than 160 photos - not all featuring Mark of course, but some of the Mark pics definitely not seen elsewhere. I love the group shot of the complete film unit. It's easy to recognize Mark - he's the one without a shirt ;-)
Preface by Oscar winner Roger Avary.
Chapters : Introduction, Les Origines, Le Film, La Production, Le Réalisateur, Fiche Technique.

Crying Freeman, the novel, by
George C. Chesbro.
Trade paperback, 174 pages, published by Rivages, March 1996, ISBN 2-7436-0046-2. Price around 89 FR.
Yes, Chesbro is an american, and no, the book is not available in English so far, but if you write his publishers APB (Apache Beach Publications) - who knows ? Currently, the rights to the book are owned by the movie studio, so perhaps we should write Metropolitan FilmExport too.

Le Pacte des Loups, the novel, by Pierre Pelot.
Paperback, 382 pages, published by Rivages, January 2001, ISBN 2-7436-0707-6
So far, it's available only in French and German, but hopefully there will be an English edition too. The novel is by Pierre Pelot, another well-known mystery writer.
Now I just dream of a "Making of" book - but probably all the energy went into all the bonus material on the collector's edition DVD.
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