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Mark Dacascos - News

I love to get news about Mark - both about upcoming movie projects, TV projects and - well, ANY kind of project actually.

And I love to share those news.

So if you have any news, please send them to

Added 2012 May 19

Mark at the EWP 2012 Visionary Awards

On April 30th, 2012, Mark Dacascos was a presenter at the 46th East West Players 2012 Visionary Awards, and while there he did a 5 minute long interview with Ideate TV. <= Click to watch the interview on youtube - or visit the East West Players website

Wo Fat, McG rumble in the jungle

On May 8th, Mike Gordon posted on about how Mark and Alex O'Loughlin practiced all of an hour before filming the epic fight scene in Hawaii Five-O episode 2x22. <= Click to read the whole thing.

Added 2012 May 19

Finally - a Hawaii Five-O gallery!

It's not huge, but it's there.
I'm starting with Mark's first episode, 1x12

2012 May 17

Some site maintenance

The filmography needed a little TLC, so it is now up-to-date and hopefully all the DVD and Blue Ray info is correct. It's frustrating that some of Mark's recent movies are still not available on DVD. I plan to search further - they may have been released in Turkey or in other far off places.
But a nice surprise is that Mark's Samurai Special for the History Channel is available on DVD in the US.

I've also cleaned up the links page - sadly several sites have disappered, and others have not been updated for several years. Yeah, I should talk, but actually my filmography was fairly current.

Mark's official site has been under construction since November 2011, but that's one link I'm keeping. He has also closed his Twitter and MySpace and is now only on Facebook

2010 December 1

A Birthday! And Hawaii Five-O

Julie Dacascos turns 40 today - many happy returns!

Mark Dacascos will appear in Hawaii Five-O episode 11 on December 6th. He plays Wo Fat, McGarrett's nemesis. The episode is called Palekaiko.
Keep an eye on episode 12 too ...

2010 August 13

Miscellaneous News

Mark is currently in Istanbul, Turkey, shooting SULTANIN SIRRI (The Secret of the Sultan).
His closest friend for the longest time, Emanuel Bettencourt, is the lead actor.
Article about Sultanin Surri in Hurriyet News

The film tells the story of an American professor, Carty Ciano (Bettencourt), who learns the secrets of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II about crude oil. The professor comes to Istanbul and begins to work hard to find the sultan’s mysterious chest, kept in the depot of the Topkapi Palace Museum.

As of right now, Mark won't be filming "Song of the Knife" or "Fist of Stone".

Mark filmed "The Lost Medallion" a while ago - it's set to premiere early 2011.
While you wait, you can follow the movie on Twitter,
Look for them on Facebook too - you can eventually download all chapters of the book.
They even have an official site, The Lost Medallion but there's not a lot there yet. I've posted a clip with Mark on the video page, but there are lots more clips on youtube to be found.

Remember - you can follow Mark on Twitter -
Yes, that's really him.

Posted on Marks Facebook July 17, 2010:
Mark's official Facebook page HAS MOVED.
Join Mark on his new fanpage and be sure to "like" him. here is the new link -

The advantage of the new page is that you can select to view only Mark's messages, only fans messages or both kinds, and you can click the twitter tab and read all of Mark's tweets there.

In July, Mark worked 12-14 hour days, shooting 20 new ICA battles.

Did you know that you can pre-order Mark's old exercise video on DVD from
Don't worry if you don't know French - just sign in with your id and click the Buy-With-One-Click button.

Btw - Donny Osmond was the winner of DWTS 2009.
BIG surprise ... not.
Mark was eliminated - unfairly in my opinion - after week 7. Lacey Schwimmer had been sick and had been replaced by Anna Trebunskaya so Mark had to learn a new routine in a very short time - Murphy was definitely giving Mark a lot of attention that week.
Kudos to Mark, Lacey and Anna!

And Mark conquered a new audience :-)
He is now known to action fans, dancing fans and food fans.
He got the scifi fans doing Stargate Atlantis and the kids doing Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight won a Daytime Entertainemnt Emmy Award for outstanding stunt coordination!

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight is being released on DVD - so far only in Germany, Brazil and Malaysia, and later on in Japan. The German relese has 3-4 episodes per DVD, it will be a while before they release Mark's episodes. Let's hope the series sells well so they release all episodes.
Japan seems to be releasing the complete series September 2010, and with 4 episodes per DVD, but with each listed at a whopping $66, it's going to be expensive!
I prefer the German price of EUR 16.99 per DVD or the Malaysian $11.99.

Mark Dacascos announced on Dancing with the Stars 2009-08-17

Mark Dacascos in Dancing With the Stars

Today on "Good Morning America" the cast for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars season nine was announced - and Mark's one of the contestants!

Mya, singer
Melissa Joan Hart, actress
Michael Irvin, former Dallas Cowboy
Ashley Hamilton, actor, comedian, singer-songwriter
Aaron Carter, singer
Kathy Ireland, former supermodel-turned-businesswoman
Debi Mazar, actress
Natalie Coughlin, U.S. Olympic swimmer
Louie Vito, snowboarder
Chuck Liddell, ultimate fighting champ
Donny Osmond, singer
Tom DeLay, former Republican congressman
Macy Gray, singer
Joanna Krupa, model and actress
Mark Dacascos, Iron Chef personality
Kelly Osbourne, reality star

The professional dancer/celebrity pairings will be announced on August 24, and season nine premieres with a 3-night LIVE event Monday September 21st 8/7c .

So who will Mark's dancing partner be?

I checked the show's website, and it looks like it might be possible for fans anywhere to vote, using the online option.
Time will tell.

Please comment on ABC's page about Mark

Beware of fake Dacascos Twitter account

According to Mark's official site, he does NOT have a twitter account.
You can connect with Mark on Facebook or MySpace.

Bruce Lee as Kato in the TV series 2009-07-18

Found an old interview from 2005

I managed to track down an interview done in 2005 by Carl Fox, mainly about "The Hunt for Eagle One" - but strangely enough, it also contains a mention of Green Hornet:
"To all the big studios in pre-production on a comic book adaptation (and especially Miramax if they are still developing The Green Hornet) – two words – Mark Dacascos."
Carl - thanks for letting me post it here.

I've also posted a new video from youtube, Tribute by Balistik
I know there are lots of clips with Mark on youtube, but I'm ... somewhat ... picky ;-)

And in case anyone wants to show support for Mark as Kato in Green Hornet, I've started a thread on the Green Hornet board on IMDB called 'Mark Dacascos as Kato please' - please post there to show your support.
Bruce Lee as Kato in the TV series 2009-07-15

Could Mark Dacascos be the new Kato?

Personally, I think Mark would be great in the role!
I've started a thread about it on Mark's IMDB board, and on the Green Hornet IMDB board.
If you like the idea too, please post about it, and remind director and casting people of Mark.
There's a Green Hornet thread on Ain't It Cool News where you can post comments ...
If you have other great places for posting, please let me know so I can list them.

Strangely, the recent casting call said that the actor didn't need any martial arts experience ...
Read about Kato on Wikipedia
Martial Arts Players Directory 2009-07-15

Interview on Martial Arts Players Directory

Mark recently gave an interview on MAPD
It's great to see friends helping friends - the site was created by Karen Sheperd, the sample member profile is James Lew and the production spotlight is Steve Wang.

The interview mentions an airdate:
The History Channel's upcoming 2-hour special titled, SAMURAI, premieres on Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8PM. Check your local listings for the local time.
Musashi 2009-04-28

History Special about Miyamoto Musashi

Mark just finished ADR for the 2-hour special he did for The History Channel. It's about the famous Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, and was directed by Andrew Piddington. It was shot on location in Japan and it should premiere sometime this summer or fall. Musashi is the author of 'The Book of Five Rings' - a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy.

(ADR = Additional Dialogue Recording)

Dacascos movie trailers on Youtube

VPR Studios Production has posted a trailer for Serbian Scars - perhaps we can hope for a DVD release this year?

There's also a trailer for Wolvesbayne, and a nice Wolvesbayne preview review on MonstersandCritics

Finally - a new photo on the main page. I totally love the one of Mark and Julie from Crying Freeman but I thought it was time for a little change.
So the site is now sporting a picture of Mark as King Cobra from the upcoming movie "The Lost Medallion" that recently completed filming in Thailand.
You can see 4 more photos of Mark as King Cobra on Mark Dacascos' Myspace is the favorite charity of the webmaster. If you're in LA April 18, check out their launch party at The Kress (ticket required and you have to be over 18).

In the Hollywood Cook Book, Mark supported Reel Angels
Junior Pilot, German DVD cover 2009-04-07

Junior Pilot to be released on DVD in Germany

May 14, Eurovideo will release Junior Pilot on DVD in Germany.
You can see a few new photos from the movie in the Junior Pilot Gallery

This blog has some very nice photos from Mark's Seattle visit: Diary of an Art Major

The Great Duseldorfer has been renamed - it's now Action Hero.
Guess Dueseldorfer was too hard to spell ;-)
Hopefully the new title will help the movie get a release.

Mark in Seattle April 4th

Posted on Mark's Facebook page:

Mark will be in Seattle Saturday April 4th hosting the Wing Luke Art Auction at the beautiful Wing Luke Asian Museum. Come see us!

One of the items on auction is Breakfast with the Chairman's Nephew - "A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for breakfast for 6 with Mark Dacascos at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel's The Georgian on Sunday, April 5th."

I hope some of you are in - or near Seattle!

Mark filming "The Lost Medallion"

Mark is in Thailand filming the children's movie "The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone" Sammi Hanratty and Billy Unger co-star.
The legend of the gold medallion says that the medallion gave great power to the person who held it. But in the heat of battle it was lost, forever affecting the course of history on Aumakua Island. Dr. Michael Stone, an archaeologist, has looked for that medallion his whole life, and now his son Billy has taken up the search. Amazingly, the medallion ends up in Billy's hands and a spontaneous wish in a precarious situation takes Billy, and his best friend Allie, back 200 years to what they realize is a very different Aumakua Island. When Billy and his friends are not jumping off waterfalls, avoiding animal traps, crossing the ocean, sneaking through caves or escaping a prison they're having to face their nemesis, Cobra, who wants nothing more than for them all to be gone. With no other way to get home, and the wellbeing of the entire island resting on his shoulders, Billy must discover the key to reclaiming the medallion and its tremendous power. One way or another, this adventure will change Billy, and life on the island, forever.

On February 27, Mark will be in Sankt Petersburg, Russia at Fight Force as special guest of the international tournament of “Russia vs.USA”, since he is big fan of the mixed single combats.

Mark on Facebook

Aside from the MySpace mentioned yesterday, you can also friend Mark Dacascos on Facebook

To the Fans of the movie, ONLY THE STRONG: If you liked OTS, you'll love this.

Mark Dacascos and Amen Santo (Mark's real-life Capoeira teacher, who played Javier in "Only the Strong") are planning to produce an original Capoeira movie. This a really exciting project and they're asking for your help! Their question to you is:

What what would your ideal Capoeira movie featuring Mark and Amen be about?

Here are some initial guidelines:
--Mark will direct and star in the film. Amen will act in the film and be the technical advisor for everything Capoeira
--Mark and Amen would like to film entirely in Brazil.
--They would like Mark to play the father of a teen-age boy, or take on the role of a father/older- brother to a teenage male.
--That's it! You take it from there...

Mark and Amen would like to hear fun & unique ideas from the best fans in the world... Mark's online friends. "We want to make the movie YOU want to see!", Mark says.

It's blank page and we want you to run with it. Leave your comments below and feel free to give feedback on other suggestions. Mark & Amen will be checking in regularly to see your thoughts.

Post your comments on Mark's MySpace page


'Kamen Riders: Dragon Knight' premieres tomorrow

Tune in Saturday, January 3, to CW4Kids at 11:30 AM - please check your local listings. Another familiar name involved in KRDK is Scott Phillips who wrote the script for Drive.

"KRDK is, by far, the single greatest Saturday morning Live-action, Kung Fu sci-fi fantasy show since Ultraman whupped ass in 72'." said by AR Howerton.
So now you know.

Mark Movie and TV news
In November, Mark filmed a 2-hour special in Japan about the Samurai for The History Channel. It should air sometime this summer.
WOLVESBAYNE has been picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel in America and will premiere sometime in 2009.
SHADOWS IN PARADISE is still in post-production.

Mark on the - it looks like Mark is the host of the game ;-)
There's even wallpapers!

Address for fan letters:
Att Mark Dacascos
12725 Ventura Blvd., Suite H
Studio City, CA, 91640

And finally - new photos have been posted on - it's from Mark's trip to Tatarstan.

'Kamen Riders: Dragon Knight' air date

The show starts airing February 2009 on Saturday mornings on CW for kids network.
Mark is in the last 9 episodes, so it will be quite a wait.

'Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine' comes to both the Nintendo Wii and DS by way of Destineer. The games will feature the voice and likeness of the show's host, Mark Dacascos as well as chefs Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto and Cat Cora, as well as commenter Alton Brown.

Mark Dacascos in 'Kamen Riders: Dragon Knight'

In the recent Q and A, Mark Dacascos mentioned having filmed 9 episodes of a new series.
The series is 'Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight' and it's going to air on CW4Kids and on Cartoon Network. It's directed by Steve Wang who also directed Mark in Drive, plus Mike Wang and John Fasano.
I'm not quite sure of the premiere date - I've seen September 19, 2008, and I've seen early 2009. I'm leaning towards March 2009 since that's what Mark said.
I don't know yet what role he plays, but I will try to find out.


Mark Dacascos Q and A

With the permission of Joe Mallozzi, I've reposted the Q and A with Mark Dacascos from his blog
" ...9 episodes of a new series premiering in March, 2009 ..." - tell us more!

Link to Flipped Switch's site 2008-08-14

Mark Dacascos on Flipped Switch

Mark Dacascos to be on Flipped Switch next week.
FLIPPED SWITCH is available online at, as well as YouTube, Revver, MySpace, and Facebook. Malinius also plans to make the show available on iTunes too.

About Flipped Switch: “We aim to interest not just Asians or Asian Americans, but also their different ethnic friends,” noted Mallillin. The host also believes many viewers will see FLIPPED SWITCH as a mix of sketch comedy and sit-down interview, with elements of “The Muppet Show,” Larry Sanders, and the ensemble feel of “The Andy Griffith Show” thrown-in.

“We definitely have variety, but ultimately we hope to be entertaining and informative,” Mallillin added.

Remember to watch The Middleman!
Buy the comics! Buy the episode on iTunes! Buy the merchandise on abcfamily
Mark was in episode 3, but if the series is renewed, who knows? - he might come back ... Read what some fans say about The Middleman

Link to Cuckoo's site 2008-08-09

Old news: Japanese fan site

While updating the link page, I revisited all the sites and I thought I'd mention this site again. Check out the galleries on Japanese fan site 'Portraits of Mark Dacascos' - Cuckoo has drawn some wonderful pictures.

Mark and Dan Calvisi on the set of 'Shadows in Paradise' - photo by Stephen Maunder 2008-08-04

News - Shadows in Paradise

Exclusively for this site, and directly from the keyboard of writer Stephen Maunder - a SYNOPSIS for Shadows in Paradise:

"Two years after disappearing during a rescue operation in the middle-east, Max Forester's fiancé and former squad-mate, Sasha, suddenly reappears moving freely among the company of Al-Qaeda members. Max's ex-Captain informs him the Special Ops are sending in his former unit Shadow Company to bring her back and charge her with treason or worse.  Max sets off to find her before they do and learns there is much more at stake than his relationship."

Dan Calvisi, who runs and was lucky enough to to visit the set of Shadows in Paradise
Thanks to Maxi-Ryu for the link - picture used with permission.

Joe Mallozzi, the showrunner, executive producer and head writer for Stargate Atlantis, has posted Mark's Answers to the questions posted for him on Joe's blog.


Mark Dacascos in Wolvesbayne

Mark recently filmed a movie called Wolvesbayne in Louisiana. He plays Von Griem, a nasty sword-wielding nazi vampire. The movie was directed by Griff Furst, and co-stars Jeremy London, Yancy Butler and Rhett Giles among others. The movie is produced by Bullet Films and is Mark's second time being directed by Furst. has a few images of Mark in Wolvesbayne

Mark as Tyre in Stargate Atlantis 2008-08-02

Mark's second episode of Stargate Atlantis aired recently

On July 25, 'Broken Ties' aired - Mark's second episode playing the Satadan Tyre on Stargate Atlantis. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Tyre will be back.
But it's science fiction, so you never know ...

Joseph Mallozzi who is a producer on Stargate Atlantis, has a blog,

In his entry, dated July 25, he says that for the next week he is collecting questions for Mark and that Mark will answer some of them on the blog.

I really like Mallozzi - he wrote about the episode: "It also features one of the most beloved guest stars in Stargatedom (so far as the crew is concerned), Mark Dacascos, who reprises his role as Tyre ...."

Now if we could just get the Creation Convention to invite Mark to their Stargate convention in Burbank in November 2008


May is the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

APAHM on Wikipedia
Posted 2008-08-19


Asian Excellence Award Winners

The winners have been posted on Asiance Magazine
Posted 2008-08-01


Vote for Mark Dacascos as Favorite TV personality!

The 2008 Asian Excellence Awards has listed Mark as one of their eight favorite TV personality nominees. Please go vote
The award ceremony will take place April 23, 2008 at Royce Hall, UCLA.


Filipino American Visionary Awards

Friday, March 7, 2008, Mark along with his wife was a guest at the 1st Annual Inaugural Filipino American Visionary Awards, held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Articles About Iron Chef America

'Nightline' goes behind the Scenes at 'Iron Chef America'
2008 Feb 18 Village Voice, Robert Sietsma Iron Chef Boyardee
2008 Feb 22, SFoodie: Serious Eats: In Defense of Iron Chef America
Posted 2008-08-01

Link to Comic Con, San Diego 2007-05-18

Mark Dacascos at Comic Con in San Diego

Helping Bryce Zabel and Hart Sharp video celebrate the US DVD release of "Crow: Stairway to Heaven.
Comic Con, San Diego, July 26 to July 29.
Crow:Stairway to Heaven DVD cover 2007-05-05

Crow:Stairway to Heaven coming to region 1 DVD

The complete series will finally be available in the US, released by Hart Sharp Video with a release date of July 24 2007.

Bonus features (subject to change):
Audio Commentary from series star Mark Dacascos
Behind-the-Scenes footage
Photo Gallery
TV Guide Crossword Puzzles and more!

Mark guest starring on Stargate Atlantis

Mark will guest star as Tyre in "Reunion", episode 3 in season 4.
Tyre is a man from Ronon's home world.
Let's hope it becomes a recurring role.

Mark also has two new movies on the way:
Vardell Duseldorfer: The Great V.D. where he plays Writer and Serbian Scars where he plays Peter.

In addition to that, there's also a miniseries, set and filmed in China for Chinese TV. Mark plays a Thai fighter .. I think ....

Mark will also film another season of Iron Chef America, starting in the fall.

Alien Agent trailer:


Mark Dacascos Contact Address

Currently, Mark Dacascos does not have a contact address.
Some sites may list these addresses as contact addresses for Mark Dacascos:

P.O.BOX 1549,
STUDIO CITY, CA 91614-0549,


SANTA CLARITA, CA 91321-4512,

They are NO LONGER VALID and anything sent to those addresses will not reach Mark.

Mark Dacascos on MySpace link 2006-12-14

Mark Dacascos on MySpace

Mark on MySpace with some great new pictures


Theatrical releases

January 6th, Nomad will be on a limited release. IMDB says January 12th.
Code Name: The Cleaner will also premiere on January 5th, 2007.

Iron Chef America Chairman Mark Dacascos 2006-08-01

Iron Chef America

In the fall, Mark Dacascos will start shooting the next 20 episodes of Iron Chef America.

Hollywood Cookbook cover and link 2006-06-25

The Hollywood Cookbook

Some time ago, Mark Dacascos mentioned wanting to be a writer, but who would have thought that his first published work would be a cookbook?
Mark is one of the celebrities who has recipes for a complete meal in The Hollywood Cookbook.
21 celebrities and 6 famous chefs are involved in the project and the proceeds will go to 21 charities.
Mark was invited to supply recipes as a supporter of Reel Angels
The project is the brainchild of Morgan Most and Jackie Zabel - yes, Jakie Zabel who wrote the episode "Death Wish" for "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven".
The book is due out in November 2006
Thanks to Mary for the heads up

Filipinas Magazine cover and link 2006-06-07

2006 Filipinas Magazine Achievement Awards

Mark Dacascos has made the cover of Filipinas Magazine again -
but this time he's sharing it with 9 other award winners.

  • Arts & Culture: Manuel Rodriguez
  • Communication: Gene Marcial
  • Community Service: Reuben Seguritan, Esq.
  • Corporate Leadership: Maria Luisa Mabilangan Haley
  • Entertainment: Mark Dacascos
  • Entrepreneurship: Daniel Moran
  • Lifetime Achievement: Alex Esclamado
  • Medicine: Lupo T. Carlota, Jr. M.D.
  • Public Affairs: Hon. Ron Menor, State Senator, Hawaii
  • Youth Leadership: Jennifer Punsalan Wood
This is the 9th year that Filipinas Magazine honors members of the Filipino community.

Previous winners of the Entertainment award are: actor Bernardo Bernardo (2005) director David Maquiling (2004), film director Gene Cajayon & scriptwriter John Manal Castro (The Debut)(2003) comedian Rob Schneider, producer Dean Devlin actor Lou Diamond Phillips, actress Tia Carrere singer Jocelyn Enriquez (1998)

Years ago, when Mark Dacascos did a commercial for Anheuser-Busch's Michelob Light, he probably never imagined that they would sponsor him for an achievement award.
And neither did they ....

When Elephants Dance, hardcover 2006-06-03

Current Project - Future Movie

For all you who are wondering what Mark Dacascos is doing and when we will get to see a new movie with him as the lead:

Mark is working with writer Ross LaManna (of Rush Hour movie fame) on developing a movie idea/pitch inspired by Mark's adventures on his trek in Nepal years ago, and a number of major companies have shown interest.
But it can take a long time - a very long time - from pitching a script until we see the movie, so please stock up on patience - lots of patience.

Mark Dacascos has also optioned the rights to a bestselling very powerful novel by Tess Uriza Holthe, When the Elephants Dance ( - the chickens must be careful.) He intends to adapt it for film/or tv.

This info has been verified by a reliable industry source - but don't you just love google?

A few years ago, Mark had optioned Richard La Plante's Mantis. Since I enjoyed the book, I'm disappointed that Mark's option has expired - Mark as Joey Tanaka, a young half-American assistant medical examiner (and All-Japan Championship karate finalist) would have fit right in with the current bunch of forensic TV series (CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York and Navy CSI).


Alien Agent

This summer, Mark starts filming Alien Agent. It's directed by Jesse Johnson and produced by Kirk Shaw - and it's been a long time coming ......

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