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Mark Dacascos - Updates on the Website

9 August 2008:
I finally put some of the old galleries online again - Tattoos" and Fan Art". I also added two images to the Fan Photos Gallery.

8 August 2008:
Added small new gallery with three images from the 1st Annual Inaugural Filipino American Visionary Awards"

Today I discovered that a knowledgeable person has updated Mark's IMDB entry with details about his Dragnet episode and his General Hospital episodes, so I've added the details to the filmography on this site too. I had quite given up learning these details.

I've added a few new items to the F.A.Q. and to the video page

Between August 1 and August 4 I've added several News Items.

2 September 2007 :
Added 9 new promo pictures
Added a page for The Legend of Bruce Lee
Added a page for I am Omega
Added a Micellaneous page with a few ComicCon pictures.

14 December 2006 :
Added a new promo picture
Added a link to Mark Dacascos' MySpace page
Added a News Item

01 August 2006 :
Added 1 Headshot - it's old, but also new since it's hasn't been published anywhere before that I know of.
One News Item

26 June 2006 :
Added 12 Headshots
Two News Items
Recently I added two items to the video page - verrry nice if I do say so myself.
The guestbook is back.

28 May 2006 :
I decided to split site updates and Dacascos news into two pages.

19 May 2006 :
The main pages are online now.
A few subpages are online, but not all.
Links page has been updated with 3 fanlistings - join to show you care ;-)
The guestbook went kerplooey again, so is offline for the moment.

13 May 2006 :
Most of the main pages are online now - I'm working on the Merchandise page which needs a thorough overhaul. A few subpages are online, but there's definitely more movie pages and gallery pages on the way.

3 May 2006 :
The site is in the middle of moving from the old location to here, and more pages will appear shortly .

News from the old site at

29 April 2006 :
I finally made the guestbook work again.
Links page updated.

21 October 2005 :
Page added for Deadly Past with 20 images
Page added for Doogie Howser, MD with 1 image

19 May 2005 :
Page added for Nomad
Links page updated.

11 May 2005 :
Page added for Wing Commander 4
- including a video clip!

26 March 2005 :
Page started for Cradle 2 the Grave
Page started for Junior Pilot

20 March 2005 :
Only the Brave in Honolulu Starbulletin:
20 November 2003, preproduction
4 January 2005 and
15 January 2005
Three new wallpapers by Fabio
Page started for Only the Brave

4 August 2004 :
Added two new wallpapers by Jeannette

1 August 2004 :
Added two new works of fanart - one made by Kuku from Japan, the other by AllCrowed Out.
Be sure to visit Kuku's own website for many more lovely pictures.

I've decided to redesign the site a little, so it may seem a bit chaotic and uneven for a while. If a link doesn't work, try changing it from html to shtml or vice versa.

1 August 2004 :
Added a gallery for Mark's computer game role in Wing Commander 4

28 April 2004 :
Added a wonderful new piece of fanart by Kelly

18 April 2004 :
Mark Dacascos is hosting Iron Chef America" on
23 - 25 April 2004. On the webpage, he's in a very
short clip, saying: 'The secret ingredient is .....'

2003-06-01 :
Added 5 wallpapers - 3 by Fabio, one by MaryMarina and one by Jeanette

2003-01-13 :
Added 2 wallpapers by Eva

2002-12-16 :
6 new wallpapers by Fábio
Trailer for Cradle 2 the Grave online

2002-12-07 :
New picture on main page
It was made for me by Val of Touchstone

2002-12-04 :
Added 3 wallpapers by Jeanette and a fanart by Mel

2002-11-14 :
Added 3 wallpapers by Fabio

2002-10-28 :
Added 6 wallpapers by Eva

2002-10-20 :
Added three wallpapers I made myself

2002-10-07 :
Added another wallpaper by Fábio

2002-09-23 :
Added two new wallpapers by Fábio and a link to his Nina Hagen fansite

2002-09-17 :
Added a new wallpaper by Fábio

2002-08-28 :
Added four new wallpapers

2002-08-13 :
Added a new fanart drawing be Nele
Added a link to a Japanese Dacascos fansite
Sorry about the recent unavailability of the site -
they had problems doing server updates at my webhotel.

2002-08-05 :
Added a page for the movie Drive and a Drive desktop theme on the Download page

2002-07-23 :
Added two fan arts drawing by Nele
Sorry about the long break since the last update -
my computer died, and I tried to get it repaired - it didn't work,
I decided to get a new one - and built it myself(never tried it before),
decided I might as well upgrade to XP, so I had to fiddle with stuff and get
new programs for some things since the old ones didn't work under XP -
so finally, more updates :-)

2002-03-05 :
Download page : eight wallpapers

2002-02-22 :
Download page : eight wallpapers
Fan art page : Drawing by Beki and poem by Carla

2002-01-13 :
Download page : three wallpapers
Fan art page : one piece of fan art by Maddy
Links page : Links to two fanfic archives

2002-01-03 :
Download page : one wallpaper
Pacte movie page: link to a Monica Bellucci page

2001-12-30 :
Download page : two wallpapers
Fan art page : a flaming Yo

2001-12-28 :
Fan art page added. Art by Emiel and Ramona

2001-12-27 :
Downloads page: added a wallpaper from Emiel.

2001-12-15 :
Pacte movie page: rewrote bits about the other actors from Pacte and added urls to their webpages.

2001-12-09 :
Downloads page: 19 wallpapers added.

2001-12-04 :
Downloads page: Wallpaper from Crying Freeman added (blue face).

2001-11-08 :
Main page: Petition added.
Filmography page added - and subpages for Pacte and Lauffray.
Link page: Added link to Starpages, official Brotherhood of the Wolf, and BotW cinematographer.
Buy stuff page: Added link to BotW French soundtrack CD. Removed email address for Mark Dacascos.
General : Changed background color from grey to white and minor editing.

2001-10-18 :
Buy stuff page: Added stuff on Australian CSTH DVD, listed two soundtracks and a novel.

2001-05-24 :
Moved to my new domain,

2001-05-24 :
Buy Stuff page: Info on Mark Dacascos posters in French magazines added, illustrated.

2001-05-24 :
Updates page added.

2001-02-19 :
Links checked.

2000-10-29 :
Page uploaded for the first time at
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