Blox Fruits Fighting Style Tier List (2024 Winter Update) (2024)

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What is the best Fighting Style in Blox Fruits? That's a great question—find out in the ultimate Fighting Style tier list!

First Published January 26, 2024, 06:53

Blox Fruits Fighting Style Tier List (2024 Winter Update) (1)

Looking for the best Fighting Style in Blox Fruits? You're not alone. As you stand at the crossroads of glory, it's only natural to source a powerful combat style to match your strength and prowess. However, deciding between so many options can be a bit tough.

And that's where we come in! In this Blox Fruits Fighting Style tier list, you'll find every combat style ranked from best to worst. After all, finding thebeststyle could mean the difference between dominating the seas or struggling to survive. Let's get started!

Note:Blox Fruits Update 22 is expected to introduce another Fighting Style called Holy/Angel alongside the Dragon Fruit rework. It will likely be even more powerful than Sanguine Art. You can read about it in my dedicated guide.

What Is The Best Fighting Style In Blox Fruits?

Sanguine Art is the best Fighting Style in Blox Fruits. It offers a blend of range, power, and utility, making it perfect for grinding and raids in PvE or PvP servers. The long-range attacks are good for keeping melee enemies at bay, while its life-steal will keep you alive longer.

All of the Sanguine Art's moves can also hit Sea Beasts and Instinct Break, with the Goreslash M1 being faster and having greater range than any other Fighting Styles in Blox Fruits. Bloodbane Drain not only heals but pairs well with the Ghoul Race and Ghoul Mask for better recovery.

Not convinced? Scarlet Tear also has solid combo potential and medium range, which is useful for manipulating enemy positioning. Lastly, Devourer of Worlds has insane damage and pulls players, being an opening move to devastating combos. You can't go wrong with Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits Fighting Style Tier List

Below are our rankings of every Fighting Style in Blox Fruits. Remember, this tier list is based on the author's opinion—in this case, we'll leave it to you to decide whether or not you agree with us or not. Remember to equip the Fighting Style that best matches your intended playstyle.

TierFighting StyleReason
S-tier (GOATed)

Sanguine ArtThis is probably the strongest Fighting Style in Blox Fruits right now for the reasons we've already mentioned earlier.
Electric ClawElectric Claw in Blox Fruits is praised for its fast M1 attacks, effective stun, and high damage. It's relatively easy to acquire in the Third Sea, and its overall effectiveness in combat makes it a top choice. You cannot go wrong.
Dragon TalonDragon Talon's large hitboxes and AoE enable high damage and easy aiming, boosting your efficiency in combat. Its moves, compatible with Awakened Buddha, are especially good in travel and dishing out devastating combos, making it a formidable Fighting Style in Blox Fruits.
GodhumanGodhuman is great in close-range combat, ensuring moves are hard to miss. It comes with insane combo potential and high damage, with abilities like Instinct Break and Instinct dodges. Its range and speed, coupled with i-frames, make it ideal for both attacking and fleeing. It works well with various Fruits, Swords, and Guns, making it a reliable Fighting Style.
A-tier (Good)SuperhumanSuperhuman has high combo potential and good knockback, making it great for both PvP and raids in Blox Fruits. Its Z move also stuns bosses, making it a good contribution to team attacks. With no fragment cost and excellent mobility, it's a strong, versatile choice, especially with Buddha or Ghoul.
B-tier (Okay)

SharkMan KarateThis Fighting Style in Blox Fruits offers high damage and quick moves with great range, making it ideal for grinding and effective against Sea Beasts. However, its high knockback and the vulnerability of some moves at range require a bit of know-how.
Dragon's BreathDragon's Breathe deals good damage and has solid range and multi-target capabilities, but its slow speed and close range limit its versatility, making it less effective than you'd like. So, basically, nothing amazing.
Death StepThe Death Step Fighting Style offers high damage, excellent combo potential, and great stuns, ideal for PvP and bounty hunting. However, it has slow M1 speed, high mastery requirements, and is a bit hard to acquire.
ElectricWhile this Fighting Style in Blox Fruits has a respectable click speed, mobility, and combo potential, it simply lacks the damage needed to really pack a punch. The moveset has a short-range and long startup.
D-tier (Trash)

Dark StepYou'll also unlock this in the First Sea. It's a leg-based style that leaves you vulnerable to attacks. It's got long cooldowns, low damage, and slow click speed. That makes Dark Step super weak in PvP. Just don't use it.
Water Kung FuThis combat style is super weak in PvP—it's slow and unreliable, especially in close-range combat. Its moves are tough to land, and it's way too expensive for a Fighting Style you'll unlock in the First Sea.
CombatYou'll get this Fighting Style in the First Sea. It's literally the first combat style you'll unlock in Blox Fruits. It's pretty sh*t.
Looking for the strongest Fruit or Swords to pair with the best Fighting Style in Blox Fruits? Check out our Fruits tier list or Swords tier list to complement your mastery!

And that concludes our tier list of the best Fighting Styles in Blox Fruits. We want to extend a special thanks to the YouTuber Numberskull for their analysis of these combat styles. Please consider subscribing to their channel or watching the video below for a more detailed explanation.

Blox Fruits Fighting Style Tier List (2024 Winter Update) (2024)
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