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Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (5)51 Hardy Court Shopping Ctr
Gulfport, MS39507

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (6)Phone: (228) 864-6555

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (7)Neighborhood: Gulfport

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Credit Cards Accepted

Parking Lot

Good for Kids


Beer and Wine


Pizza, Subs, Italian, Sandwiches

Price Point
$$ - Cheap Eats (Under $10)
$$ - Moderate ($11-$25)
$$$ - Expensive ($25-$50)
$$$$ - Very Pricey (Over $50)


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No frills, family owned pizzeria. Eat in, carry out or delivery. Excellent food across the menu of pizza, subs, Italian sandwiches, etc., pizza being the main attraction. Can get pizza by the slice. Two large slices will satisfy most appetites, even large ones. Eating more than two is usually "shoving more in" because it's so good you can't stop. Take out orders can be called in....a real convenience. Not a chain. Pizza, like true pizza lovers appreciate/

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4.6 stars - Based on 80 votes

#25 out of 329 restaurants in Gulfport

#2 of 24 Pizza in Gulfport

5 star59 votes74%
4 star15 votes19%
3 star2 votes3%
2 star1 votes1%
1 star3 votes4%

Top Reviews of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (23)06/24/2024 - Monet G.
good food good people

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (24)09/23/2023 - MenuPix User
The pizzas are good if you get fresh dough. And while it's hit or miss with the dough, you can be certain the customer service will be poor and the place will still be dirty!

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (25)05/02/2023 - MenuPix User
I ordered a pizza on the phone half hour later I went there it wasn't in yet and they told me it would take 12 minutes , I sat there 30 and then gave me a cold pizza . I refused it and he said I'll just give you your money back with an attitude .

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (26)06/05/2021 - J R
Nothing fancy........just darn good food.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (27)03/31/2021 - Missie
I love the pizza. I'm orginally from Pennsylvania and the pizza reminds me of home.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (28)02/15/2021 - Hope
I go all the time with my office staff.
They work hard and fast and constantly deliver a great pizza and calzone.

Saw the review saying they were racist. My staff has African American, Asian, and Caucasian. Never EVER had a problem. Nor have I ever seen issues and I have been going there for over 17 years.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (29)02/06/2021 - margeuerte audo
My family and I have enjoyed this casual restaurant for a long time. Always appreciated the delivery option. I called today and was told they do not deliver and the man on the line told me he had been there a year and they he was unaware there had ever been delivery. They delivered an order to my home in the last 4 months. Sorry to lose it

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (30)12/08/2020 - Optional
Great food from great people! Been consistently good since they opened.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (31)12/01/2020 - MenuPix User
BEST BANG for the buck on the entire Miss. gulf coast!!!

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (32)09/29/2020 - Jas
I ordered 3 large pizza's that cost about 60 bucks. Off first look everything look good but the crust was very hard to chew like paper or something wasn't done probably. Also no bacon was put on my meatlovers or supreme pizza. My small kids didn't even finish there pizza.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (33)07/17/2020 - Gunnar
Amazing pizza, they're always super busy everytime I go in but that crew busts their asses to get that food out. I dont mind waiting on good food from hard working people.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (34)07/01/2020 - MenuPix User
The pizza and other menu items are terrific. The staff are always friendly.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (35)06/28/2020 - Sharon
Best pizza ever

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (36)06/12/2020 - Joyce
I stopped in for the first time this week. "I enjoyed it! Planning on stopping by today πŸ˜ƒ

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (37)05/08/2020 - Nikki
I ordered a pizza by phone. The representative was pleasant and knowledgeable. Picked up the pizza and brought it home. It was superb!!!! I definitely recommend their pizza. Next time I am ordering the muffuletta. Will update after that purchase.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (38)04/17/2020 - CyFaneca
Consistently delicious pizza at a reasonable price. Our β€œGo To” pizza parlor.πŸ‘πŸ»

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (39)03/04/2020 - Heidi
Visiting my dad here in Gulfport and got take out to enjoy with him. Excellent pizza and awesome employees! Friendly, fast and delicious!

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (40)12/27/2019 - Holly Plaice
We live in NC and whenever we are in town we eat here every time

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (41)12/02/2019 - Tamye
Pizza is great!

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (42)06/07/2018 - John R
Amazing NY pizza. Huge slices, amazing garlic knots. Wash it down with a cold bottle of beer.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (43)09/05/2016 - Heather
very yummy pizza is freakin huge and cheap. Garlic knots are crazy good. I go to the one on hardy court . To all who want cheap but yummy pizza here is your chance. Ps they should make family deals as well with drinks and maybe a dessert .

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (44)09/05/2016 - Heather
very yummy pizza is freakin huge and cheap. Garlic knots are crazy good. I go to the one on hardy court . To all who want cheap but yummy pizza here is your chance. Ps they should make family deals as well with drinks and maybe a dessert .

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (45)06/19/2015 - Allison
As always, Brooklyn Pizzeria had the most ah-ma-ZING pizza. If you've never had their Garlic Knots, you've got to try them because they're the best thing on Brooklyn's menu. You just can't beat their thin, crispy pizza. #bestPIZZAinGULFPORT

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (46)01/28/2015 - Cherie
Brooklyn pizza use to be the bomb. I don't know if it's new employees or what but it's seems like it's sloppy, and greasy now. Also, the employee's don't smile. I really hope they step up their A game or I might have to go else where.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (47)12/26/2014 - customer
Pizza hut is by far better. Also, the workers are A-holes.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (48)12/09/2014 - distubed
Great pizza, excellent /best hot wings around. Worth the drive to Gulfport. Only think fountain drinks taste carbon like, flat. But other than that awesome.

Brooklyn Pizzeria, Gulfport (49)10/11/2014 - Barbara
Nearly every Saturday we order food from Brooklyn Pizzeria. Love the pasta menu and a slice of pizza to go. The portions are huge and always fresh. Call ahead if you are in a hurry as they get busy pretty quickly at lunch time. They make it right!

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